Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Are the Hollywood Couple We Should All Be Shipping

We’ll start with the obvious: Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone are hilarious. You remember the airplane scene in Bridesmaids (I mean, how could you not). 

The husband and wife team have appeared on screen together in other films like Tammy, and Falcone directed McCarthy in Life Of The Party, The Happytime Murders and The Boss.

But you might be wondering: What is the secret behind the couple’s 13-year marriage, and what is it like to work together as often as they do?

Here’s everything to know about McCarthy and Falcone’s Hollywood relationship, including how the two met and the role humor plays in their day-to-day life (hint: it’s a big one).

They met early on in their careers.

Before McCarthy and Falcone became household names, the two met in 1998 while they were performing improv at a theater in Los Angeles called The Groundlings.

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