Best Hostels in Paris: My 15 Favorite Places to Stay (Winter 2018)

Posted: 11/9/2018 | November 9th, 2018

Paris. It’s a city on everyone’s bucket list. I’ve been dozens of times and my love for the city is well known to you all.  I love visiting Paris and can’t imagine a year in which I don’t go even for a bit. To me, Paris has it all – music, history, food, culture, and beautiful architecture. It’s got that special something. I dream of moving to Paris to live out that writer cliche…if just for a bit!

As a visitor to Paris, knowing where to stay in Paris can be difficult. There are lots of androssiments (neighborhoods). What’s the best place to stay in the city? What’s the best neighboorhood?

For a tourist, there’s really no bad neighboorhood to stay in. No where you stay is going to be too far or unsafe (forget what you hear about in the news). Paris’ metro goes everywhere, stays open late, and has stops throughout the city.

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