So, How Did Marriott’s Loyalty Program Integration Go? – One Mile at a Time

Marriott integrated their three loyalty programs last weekend, so it has now been over a week since the new program was introduced. Now that they’ve had several days to figure things out, I thought I’d write this post to reflect on their performance, and I’m curious to hear how you guys feel.

I get that this is a massive project

Let me start by acknowledging that combining three loyalty programs of this size is a massive undertaking. Combined the programs have over one hundred million members, so I wasn’t expecting this to go all that smoothly, and no matter what, I was expecting there would be some hiccups.

Marriott was off to a very strong start

Marriott’s takeover of Starwood closed in September 2016, and they were off to one of the strongest starts I’ve ever seen when it comes to combining loyalty programs.

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