Kim Kardashian Is Still Talking About Her Weight Loss in Terms of Numbers

Kim Kardashian caught a lot of flak last month when her famous sisters praised her 119lb figure, complimenting the 37-year-old with “dangerous” language by telling her, “I don’t think you’re eating,” and that she looks anorexic.

Social media and celebrities alike latched on to the moment, highlighting the issue with using such words and phrasing in a complimentary fashion.

Regardless of the comments Kim received, the idea that she’s touting her weight (a literal number on the scale) was called out as problematic — especially by those who’ve battled any sort of eating disorder or body consciousness (and TBH who hasn’t?).

Well, apparently the fallout did not affect Kardashian much, because she appears to be back to bragging about her weight — apparently she’s lost a few pounds since we last checked in.

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