14 Ways to Safely Hitchhike the United States in 2018 | Nomadic Matt

Updated: 8/18/18 | August 18th, 2018

My first experience with hitchhiking was in Belize. Back in 2005, I hitchhiked the entire country, as it was the most common way locals got around. If they were doing it, why not me? It was a lot of fun and much easier and safer than I thought it would be. Since then, I’ve hitchhiked around a handful of countries and met some interesting (and not so interesting) people. Hitchhiking is still a popular and common way many people worldwide get around, but it evokes a lot of fears and concerns, especially among Westerners. Today, Matt Karsten from expertvagabond.com shares his experience hitchhiking around the United States and advice about how you can safely do it too. Enter Matt.

It was a chilly and overcast day on the Oregon coast when I nervously stuck my thumb out on the side of Route 101. For the next 20 minutes, drivers passed me over and over again — most with looks of disgust on their faces. But I kept on smiling.

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