Home Shopping Parties Are Back—and Way Better Than You Remember

These days, shopping for clothes is fraught with compromising choices. Do you order something online and just hope that it fits? (“I swear it looked amazing on the model!”) Or carve out an afternoon to trek from one store to another in search of what it may—or may not—have?

But imagine for a moment there’s a third option: attending an intimate gathering in the home of a friend (or perhaps even your own place) dedicated to trying on pieces from cool and emerging brands. There’s a crew of experienced stylists on hand who have pre-selected every item based on the personal tastes of each and every guest. And just in case you start to feel guilty about wanting to buy, well, everything, there’s this to consider: every purchase made at the party benefits a charity organization important to everyone in attendance (like, say, Everytown or Planned Parenthood).

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