Victoria Beckham Follows 7 Precise Fashion Rules Every Time She Wears a T-Shirt

It’s not too often that we see Victoria Beckham go the extremely casual route and rock a white T-shirt. But when she does, she makes it look damn good. No exaggeration. Whether she’s pairing them with jeans or statement skirts, she always manages to make them look just as chic as any over-the-top couture piece.

Don’t be jealous. You can can nail the laidback T-shirt look just like Beckham. All you have to do is keep her fashion tips in mind. For the launch of her Reebok collaboration, which includes sporty ’90s-inspired tees and hoodies, she shared 7 fail-proof styling tips with InStyle. And we’ve dropped them all below. So that you can get your Victoria Bekcham on, too.

1. “Make it work-appropriate with sleek, wide-leg trousers,” Beckham tells “Wear the tee tucked in and complete the look with some Classic trainers.”


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