This Woman Just Showed How Different Reality and Social Media Are—by Pulling Down Her Pants

Need more proof that the so-called “real” images you see on social media show anything but reality? Look no further than a before-and-after Instagram post from Monday by 28-year-old psychologist and influencer Stacey Lee.

“Instagram is a place where we see people’s best selves,” wrote Lee, who has struggled with disordered eating. “People don’t like to freely share the parts of themselves that don’t measure up to society’s standards of beauty and acceptability and we like to put up a front that shows us in the light we choose.”

To demonstrate her point, Lee took two photos in a pair of high-waisted leggings. On the left, Lee showed herself with the leggings pulled up to cover most of her stomach. On the right, she pulled the leggings down to her hips. The takeaway? Same woman, same leggings…but her body looked totally different in each image.

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