How Neil Patrick Harris Tackles Bullying as a Parent

Neil Patrick Harris’s family really likes peanut butter.

Perhaps that’s not the opening statement you expected to read, but it absolutely applies to the actor’s day-to-day life as he and husband David Burtka raise their 7-year-old twins, Gideon and Harper. It’s also part of the reason InStyle sat down with him at a comedy event celebrating Jif Power Ups. Harris grew up in New Mexico with Jif peanut butter in the house, so naturally, he was pretty psyched about it.

Before any comedy took place though, Harris got candid about snack time with kids, how he addresses bullying as a parent, and what it was really like watching his twins act on a TV show.

Kids love peanut butter, so I see why you like it, too.

Jif fits our world, and seemed like a nice fun thing to discuss in a world where fun things to discuss are few and far between, at times.

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