“Plane Bae” Story Takes A Turn For The Worse… – One Mile at a Time

On July 2 a cute-seeming story went viral, as someone named Rosey Blair live Tweeted what happened on her Alaska Airlines flight from New York to Dallas. I’d note that Rosey describes herself on Twitter as a “drama queen deep in the heart of Texas.”

Rosey was traveling with her boyfriend, though he was assigned a seat one row up. Rosey asked the lady seated next to her if she wouldn’t mind trading seats, and joked that her new seatmate may be the “love of her life.” The lady obliged.

As it turned out, the lady who switched seats ended up hitting it off with her new seatmate. So Rosey proceeded to live Tweet the entire flight, including details of the conversations the two were having, their every move, and she even posted pictures of them. Twitter ate up this story, and so many people found this to be a cute modern day romance. From the beginning I found the story to be a bit uncomfortable (which is why I didn’t write about it at the time).

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