Alert: Your Favorite Game of Thrones Couple Won’t Be Winning Any Acting Emmys This Year

Do you hear that? That soft hum? Ah yes, that’s the sweet, sweet of sound of water cooler chit chat about the 2018 Emmy nominations.

On Thursday morning, the Television Academy unveiled the lucky industry pros who are up for awards in September. Seems great, right? If you’re one of those remarkable people who manages to juggle 12 shows at the same time, this might feel like Christmas.

But what about the casual TV watchers? Or those of us who have never seen an episode of The Crown before? (I know, I know, I’ll binge it eventually I promise). Well, we’ve got you covered. We here at InStyle pored over this year’s Emmy nominations, and we’ve got a list of everything you need to know about the nominations this year before the ceremony kicks off on September 17.

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You’re welcome in advance.

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