8 Habits of People Who Make Friends Easily

You can be out at a party, a networking event, or stuck in the jury duty waiting room and you will likely find that one person who walks in and somehow becomes best friends with every person they talk to. It’s no secret that making friends as an adult can be tough. But for some people, making new friends just seems to come naturally. So what are they doing differently than everyone else?

As licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown tells HelloGiggles, individuals who make friends easily likely engage in the following behaviors more often than most: they take risks, they engage in a variety of social activities, and they’re not afraid to be vulnerable.

“Women often state that trying to trust a new female friend can be very risky and scary, and they would rather not take that risk for fear of being hurt,” Dr. Robinson-Brown says. “However, women who make more friends take more risks.

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