Shailene Woodley Only Consumed 350 Calories a Day for Her New Film

Look, we understand the concept of method acting, and respect when actors choose to (temporarily) suffer for the sake of delivering a potentially Oscar-winning performance. 

Leonardo DiCaprio famously “slept in animal carcasses and ate bison body parts” for 2016’s The Revenant—and he took home his first (!) Academy Award for it. But severely restricting your diet to the point where you can’t sleep, all for the sake of a paycheck? Shailene Woodley partook in this dangerous practice, and, naturally, felt the painful consequences. 

Spoiler alert: In Adrift, Woodley plays Tami Oldham Ashcraft, a real-life person that, in 1983 spent 41 days stranded at sea when a sailing expedition from Tahiti to San Diego was thwarted by a hurricane that ultimately killed her fiancé, Richard Sharp. (The insanely tragic film is now in theaters.

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