This L’Oreal Concealer Covers Everything—And It’s Only $11

If you’re looking for a single concealer that’ll cover dark circles, zits, uneven skin tone, and hyper-pigmentation, good luck. The hard truth about concealers is that their formulas aren’t one-size-fits-all—and that’s why there’s so many of them. Some concealers are capable of brightening up the darkest under-eye shadows, while others excel at making deep, cystic blemishes invisible. 

In reality, most of us are using concealer to cover up more than one skincare struggle, which is why I always use two everyday: one for my acne dark marks, and another for my under-eye circles. 

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L’Oreal is aiming to streamline every concealer-wearer’s routine with its new, multi-purpose stick. The True Match Super-Blendable Multi-Use Concealer ($11; Walmart.

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