Why Your LaCroix Obsession Isn’t So Healthy

Put down that can of key lime LaCroix for a second. We have to talk.

I’ve been asked by Insta-friends and clients alike several times recently: How much La Croix  is too much LaCroix? Sorry, but you may not totally love my answer.

Let me first jump off my high nutritionist horse and lead with the good: It’s absolutely a better option than soda, diet or otherwise. In the grand scheme of things, drinking excessive amounts of sparkling water is very far down on my list of concerns with clients at my Foodtrainers NYC office. But if you’ve already cleaned up your diet, are eating veggies and mainly whole foods, pay attention to ingredient labels, and take your health seriously, here are a few factors to consider.

Natural Flavoring

There is a lot of confusion over what “natural flavors” actually means and, in general, I steer very clear foods that include them on the ingredient label.

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