Meghan Markle Just Broke Her Silence on Her Marriage to Prince Harry and It’s … Something

Settle into your seats and grab some hot tea and biscuits because Meghan Markle has just broken her silence on what royal married life is like. 

While far from Shakespearian, Markle’s remarks are polite and straightforward: “[Being married] is wonderful,” she told 61-year-old royals stan Sharon Briscoe during a royal visit with Queen Elizabeth. “I’m really enjoying it.” OK, it’s not exactly a soliloquy, but given how royal-starved we’ve been since Meghan and Harry said “I do” back in May, we’ll take it.


Plus, when Briscoe told Meghan to give love to Harry and look after him, Markle added another couple sentences (!) more.

“I will do. That means an awful lot to us,” the royal said.

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