Californians Recall Judge Who Gave Brock Turner 6 Months in Stanford Rape Case 

California judge Aaron Persky, who sentenced Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner to just six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, was recalled on Tuesday.

The Santa Clara County Superior Court judge will reportedly be replaced by Cindy Hendrickson, an assistant district attorney who had supported the recall effort. Persky is the first California judge to be recalled since 1932.

According to an early report from the San Francisco Chronicle, more than 59% of voters supported the recall, with Hendrickson receiving 70% of the vote to serve the remaining four years of Persky’s term.

While a gender breakdown of the final vote has not yet been revealed, a poll in late May by a local San Francisco TV station found that women strongly supported the recall effort. If only men were voting, the poll suggests Persky would have kept his job by 3 points.

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