Diane Keaton Doesn’t Believe She’s a Legend

In May Diane Keaton posted a particularly quirky video on her Instagram account that pretty much served as the impetus for this shoot. In it she is descending a stairwell in her 8,000-square-foot Los Angeles home, wearing a checked blazer cinched by a thick black belt, black pants, loosely tied combat boots, and not one but maybe 10 hats stacked on top of each other. “Which hat do you think I should wear?” she asks no one in particular. “No, I’m serious. Because I kinda like… But, seriously, what do you think? Or should I wear them all? Maybe I should just wear all the hats. I think that might be good.” The five-second clip has since accrued 600,000-plus views and nearly 3,500 comments from supportive fans and friends like Michelle Pfeiffer and Candice Bergen.

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