4 Period Symptoms No One Ever Talks About

What do being moody, getting cramps, and feeling exhausted all have in common? You guessed it: your period. But these standard symptoms aren’t the only things that can accompany your cycle. After all, “every woman is different,” says Christine Greves, MD, ob-gyn at the center for obstetrics and gynecology at Orlando Health in Florida.

To learn more about less common period problems, we sent out a survey and asked real women to reveal some of the weirder symptoms they deal with every month. These are the four responses that surprised us the most — and made us curious as to why they happen and how common they are. Next time your teeth ache during your period, know you’re not alone.

Insatiable hunger

Before I begin menstruating, I get ravenously hungry,” one survey respondent wrote. “I feel like a bottomless pit.”

Turns out a spike in your appetite might be a secondary symptom of PMS.

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