I Tried a Lash Lift—and It Gave Me The Lashes of My Dreams

Is lash envy a thing? Because I definitely have it. The same way some people might lust over another woman’s hair or plump lips, I can’t help but stare at a full, fluttery pair of lashes. I wasn’t born with Disney princess eyelashes—you know what I’m talking about, from Ariel to Jasmine, they all peek through perfectly framed lids—and I’ve never been happy with how my lashes looked, especially without mascara. But then I finally came across the perfect solution for long, dark lashes that I feel confident in every day—even without makeup.

I wasn’t the type to seek eyelash extensions out. The thought of getting them had never really crossed my mind until it became the beauty industry’s worst-kept secret and every editor I knew had them. So, obviously, I hopped on board, too.

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