Dyson’s Airwrap Was the Biggest Hair Launch of 2018 — But Is It Worth the Hype? 

I know that heat tools can seriously damage hair, but I just can’t quit my flat iron. A single pass of the tool over my hair smooths out any frizz, and I can give myself beachy “S”-shaped waves by simply flicking my wrist instead. The only caveat is that the heat from my beloved iron fades my color and dries out my already-dry hair even more. But for anyone like me who picks style over hair health, 2018’s most-hyped hair product just might be the reason why we don’t have to choose one over the other anymore.

Two years after releasing the game-changing Supersonic Hair Dryer to rave reviews, Dyson started pandemonium again with the Airwrap, a new hair tool that curls and straightens hair using minimal heat. Instead, the styler uses the Coanda Effect, a physical phenomenon where high velocity jet of air meets a curved surface and wraps itself around the curve.

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