Bachelor Star Catherine Lowe Is Sick of All the Colton Virginity Talk, Too

Catherine Lowe wishes you could see her face. That way, you could see how exaggerated of an eye roll she made in response to whether The Bachelor season 23 is making too much of star Colton Underwood’s virginity ahead of the season premiere.

“I’m just over it,” Lowe tells InStyle. “I think a lot of people want to see more than that — and they will once the season starts — but they’re taking it a little far.” (That includes that 40-Year-Old Virgin poster, by the way.)

That said, Lowe, who is currently working on a holiday partnership with FedEx, does believe that the people behind the show know what they’re doing. “They’ve been mastering the show for however long, so I give them props on that,” she explains. “I just want other people to see other sides of him. Colton seems like somebody who has a lot of different layers and levels.

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