This is the Biggest Mistake You’re Making With Your Beautyblender

Before I actually used a beautyblender to apply my foundation, spending $20 on a tiny, hot pink, egg-shaped makeup sponge sounded unreasonable. Then, I gave in to the buzz, bought one, and, well — never touched a makeup brush again. Seriously. 

For me, the seamless, natural makeup base that a beautyblender creates outperforms any other makeup application tool on the market. It’s forever a best-seller at Sephora, and one of the most popular tools in Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist’s kit. So where did this pink sponge come from? The tiny (but hella mighty) product is the brainchild of makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, who came up with the concept while working on a TV set and running into serious problems with making foundation look natural.

Keep scrolling to find out exactly why Silva decided to make it pink, what she thinks is the biggest mistake people make with beautyblenders, and more.

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