NUTS: Air India Captain Who Oversees Flight Safety Allegedly Fails Breathalyzer – One Mile at a Time

I’d like to think that most airlines take safety very seriously. Unfortunately I can’t say that I get that vibe from Air India. There are stories about the completely unacceptable things their pilots do all the time, and it seems like management does little to punish them.

For example, in 2015 I wrote about how an Air India captain was caught showing up to work drunk for the third time (and who knows how many times he showed up drunk and wasn’t caught).

At the time this got a lot of bad press, so Air India was forced to act. Their solution? That they would start “heavily punishing” pilots who are caught drunk… but only starting with the second incident.

Now there’s an incident that’s even more unbelievable, as reported by Reuters.

A senior Air India captain wasn’t allowed to operate a flight today from Delhi to London after he failed two breathalyzer tests.

That’s bad enough.

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