Justin Hartley Says His This Is Us Character Is Becoming More Like Him

Who loves love more: Justin Hartley, or his This Is Us character, Kevin Pearson?

According to the star himself, it’s a toss-up. “Earlier on, I would have said I’m definitely more of a romantic guy than Kevin, but I think he’s really evolved recently,” Hartley tells InStyle. “The character of Kevin has evolved, and I also think Kevin’s character his person — has evolved. He’s all about the grand gesture; he’s got a lot of that in him from his dad. I would have [felt] differently at the beginning or middle of season two, but right now, I really do think he’s as romantic as they come.”

In this week’s episode, This Is Us fans saw Kevin take a major step in his relationship with his new girlfriend, Zoe (played by Melanie Liburd). He invited her to join him on a trip to Vietnam, where he hopes to learn more about his dad Jack’s time in the war.

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