Some of the Best Men’s Dress Shirts You Can Buy

Men want to feel their best whether it’s a night out on the town or dressing up for work.

It depends on where you work of course, which can mean wearing a dress shirt for five days in a row or more.  

You can head out to the mall and pick out the men’s top shirt In 2018. Don’t just rush in and choose the cheapest shirt on the rack.  

Picking the right dress shirt has to be done with several factors in mind and price is not the only consideration, look out for: fit, cost, material, and style.

We share a guide on choosing the best men’s dress shirt for you or help a woman pick one for the special man in your life.

– Fit: Shirt makers may offer dress shirts in slim, regular or husky cuts. Pick a shirt that looks flattering on your body type. Slim men should not buy large shirts while larger men should not force themselves into slim fit shirts that are too small for their size.

– Material: Shirts can be made of linen, cotton, lycra, rayon, polyester, silk and more. Some fabrics last longer while others offer more shine and flexibility. Try out shirts with different materials and choose one that you like.

– Style: One style does not apply to all occasions. Choose the right look for the right places. Shirts used for work are different than what you would wear in a nightclub.

– Cost: There are cheap dress shirts that cost less than $10 while high-end shirts may go up to $500 each. You don’t need to break the bank for a well-made shirt, the key is to invest in quality to get the most bang for your buck.

You can look for features like non-iron shirts that can be quite a convenience for men that are always on the go. Check on the buttons, cuffs, and collars that will match your style.

Before you buy a dress shirt, make sure that you know your size. The shirt should fit you like a glove so go to your tailor to get your measurements. You need measurements for your sleeve, neck, chest, and waist for that perfect fit. Take note that neck and sleeve are the top measurements that you need to consider in ordering dress shirts.  

Here are some of the top men’s dress shirts that you can buy in 2018:

Brooks Brothers

This classic American dress shirt company has a wide range of clothing for men, women, and children.

Their main focus is on menswear which includes super high-quality dress shirts.

You can purchase Brooks Brothers shirts online, in stores of factory outlets.

Since they focus on dress shirts, you can expect it as their number 1 category on their website.

Brooks Brothers shirts come in slim, fitted, relaxed and classic fits. Prices range from $250 for high-end shirts and up to $69.50 for their lower end offerings.

There are online coupons that you can get to save on retail prices. Loyal customers should join My Brooks Rewards program to earn points that you can redeem at Brooks Brothers.

Charles Tyrwhitt

This brand is the uniform of London’s law and finance professionals.

The UK based company has stores in New York, Washington, and Chicago.

If you live far from those cities, you can order custom shirts online.

Charles Tyrwhitt has a range of men’s fashions, but dress shirts take the spotlight on its website and stores.

They have high-quality shirts that are comfortable and come in fun and modern designs that you will enjoy.

Millennials can’t go wrong with this brand. The best deals are given when you buy multiple shirts which can lower your price to as much as half.

Shirt’s range from $29.50 to $139. They are great shirts to wear to the office or to a night on the town.

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