It’s Official: These Were The 10 Most-Wanted Fashion Items of the Summer

Looking back at the summer now, from the brisk, quickly shortening days of fall, it can sometimes feel like a blur of nothing more than a few long weekends strung together. How many hours did we spend taking in the sun? How many bottles of rosé did we bury? What was that bag I couldn’t stop thinking about? Where can I find those sneakers I saw that influencer wearing? Some of these questions, we’ll never have answers for. Others, well, we can set those straight right now. Thanks to the just-released Lyst Index, we have hard data on the 10 hottest products from the last three months.

If you haven’t heard of the Lyst Index, it’s a worthwhile project to put on your radar. Lyst, a shopping search engine and database, compiles a report of the top ten most highly sought after brands, women’s products, and men’s products each quarter, and then releases those findings to the public.

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