Plotting A Review Trip: Qantas 787, Singapore 787, Malaysia A350, And More! – One Mile at a Time

Last week I shared the details of four upcoming review trips I have planned, where I should be reviewing some pretty fun products, ranging from the new longest flight in the world, to Kenya Airways’ new route between New York and Nairobi, to RwandAir’s A330 business class.

The one other trip I was considering

Not included in that post is a trip I’ve been plotting, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger on. I’m planning one more review trip for 2018, and originally my plan was to fly to Saudi Arabia on Virgin Atlantic’s 787 business class and Gulf Air’s 787 business class.

However, following recent developments I’ve decided not to travel to Saudi Arabia for now. So my plan instead was to fly to India and review Virgin Atlantic’s 787 business class, Air France JOON’s A340 business class, and Gulf Air’s 787 business class.

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