We Dissected the Secret Meaning Behind Every Meghan Markle Australia Outfit Thus Far

We’ve said it time and time again — the way we choose to dress ourselves can often reflect things about us, even unconsciously. It’s why career fields like color psychology exist!

And it’s also why we can discern meaning out of what stars choose to wear, including the ever-reticent royal family. Royal fashion dress rules are fairly specific, so a lot of time and energy goes into choosing the wardrobe for special occasions. It has to be chic and aspirational, but appropriate for the venue. It has to be polished, but also show the personality of the wearer. And it absolutely must follow protocol, a collection of rules that governs modern royals’ closets, which is a feat in and of itself.

All of this to say is that because so much goes into royal style choices, it makes makes the fashion analysis — including that of newly minted royal Meghan Markle — all the more intriguing.

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