This Republican Candidate Could Be the First Filipina in Congress

Cristina Osmeña has political leadership in her blood. She’s an ancestor of the well-known Osmeña family, which includes a former President of the Philippines, senators, local politicians, and more. She and her family immigrated to California when she was just 6-years-old to flee the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. If she wins in November, she could be the first Filipina-American to serve in Congress.

The self-proclaimed “radical moderate” says she wants to bring partisan politics back to the middle, instead of favoring party loyalty over bright, new ideas. The candidate backs lower taxes and a strong military, as well as immigration reform and a woman’s right to choose. She says she roots her Republican identity in fiscal policy after spending two decades in finance working at investment banking and investment management firms.

But Osmeña hasn’t spent all her time dealing with capitol. She has also worked in renewable energy at SunPreme and SunEdison.

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