Kat Von D Has a Top Secret New Liquid Eyeliner Coming Out — and We Tried It First

Anything you’ve read about eyeliner being “hard” is a lie. If you can scribble your name on a piece of paper, you can do a cat-eye using liquid eyeliner. Yes, there is a learning curve with getting your hand to stay steady, but after a handful of tries you should be able to draw a sharp flick along your lash line. If you still can’t get you cat-eye to look good enough to wear outside of your bathroom after a dozen takes, breath a sigh of relief because it’s not you, it’s the eyeliner you’re using. 

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As someone who regularly wears liquid eyeliner, I know that they are extremely hit or miss. Bad liners aren’t black enough, smudge from sweat or rain, dry out too quickly, or has a felt tip that’s too thick. Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner is one of the few liquid eyeliners that has never done me wrong through the years.

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