I Got Married! – One Mile at a Time

I got married just over two weeks ago (on Friday, September 28), and since then a day hasn’t gone by where I haven’t sat down and started to write a post about it, only to eventually give up.

But I think of you guys as being part of my extended family, so here goes nothing. By all means skip this post, either if you’re not interested, or because you think gay marriages are icky, or whatever.

Unfortunately I don’t have an epic miles & points story to share about our wedding. I didn’t even earn many miles & points for it, though I did redeem some miles for “boring” flights within North America. And no, we’re not planning an epic honeymoon (or any honeymoon, for that matter).

So, I’ll share some thoughts, in no particular order:

The person

To start, I guess I should talk briefly about Ford. Well, I’m a weirdo, so the fact that he has put up with me for this long is pretty remarkable.

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