Behold Allison Janney, Patron Saint of Late Bloomers

With a storied career and an Academy Award for I, Tonya, Allison Janney doesn’t need a costume to get into character. Just a swimsuit. Here, the 58-year-old actress opens up about hair woes, dating in your 50s, and her late start in Hollywood.

LAURA BROWN: Let’s get right to it: Your legs kill me! Are both your parents tall?

ALLISON JANNEY: “Jerv” Janney — Jervis Janney — is tall. He’s 6 foot 1 or 2. My mom was tall; some people shrink when they get older, I’m told. She was around 5 foot 9. But she was a dancer, and she was known for her legs. She used to be an actress and got a review that was specifically focused on her beautiful legs. It was amazing.

LB: So you got their height. How tall are you?

AJ: Six feet. I got my father’s legs but some of my mother’s shape. I definitely think my legs are better-looking than my father’s.

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