The Best High Heels For Just About Every Occasion

What’s not to love about shoes? They provide comfort and protection to your feet, and if you’re lucky, they might even make your legs look good. Yes, we’re talking about a particular kind of shoes, one every woman owns – high heels. High heels hold a special place in a woman’s heart, and you’ll find just about any excuse to wear one. In this guide, we list the top high heels for women and for every occasion you can wear them best.


Bianca, Christian Louboutin, $875

Stilletos are arguably the most popular and the most classic type of heels. They are thin and tapered, closed at the front, and can be made as low as 1 inch to as high as 7 or 8 inches. They are not the most comfortable type of heels, in fact, many women find them very difficult to wear, especially when you have to walk for long periods of time, but they do wonders for your legs. It’s perfect for when you just want to feel sexy and empowered. A girl should own at least one pair of stilettos, it’s practically a golden rule!

Perfect for: date nights, formal evening events, officewear, and parties.

Wedge Heels

Blondy Platform Wedge Sandals, Steve Madden, $99

Wedges are a good alternative for stilettos. Instead of a separated heel, a whole wedge serves as an elevation, creating better balance and making it more comfortable to walk in. This type of heels is often made high, usually as high as stilettos. They are perfect for girls who are not used to wearing heels and are just starting to get used to them. Style them with your prettiest maxi dress, and you’ll definitely make heads turn.

Perfect for: garden parties, long walks, and casual errands

Chunky/Block Heels

Myly, Aldo, $85

Chunky heels are self-explanatory. The heels are chunkier than a stiletto’s with a broader base that typically comes in a square. It’s a good compromise between stilettos and wedge heels. It’s reminiscent of the 70’s hippy fashion and can make an excellent statement piece in your outfit. Style it up with a flowy wrap dress to complete the look.

Perfect for: parties, night outs, date nights, and leisurely walks in town.

Kitten Heels

Mid Heel Pumps With Bow Detail, Zara, $45.90

Kitten heels are a lot like stilettos, except they typically are only an inch high. This type of heel is vintage, and was first worn in the 1950s for young ladies, as high heels were thought to be too “grown-up.” Kitten heels were also made popular by fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn. They are the comfiest heels in this list and perfect for anyone who is not fond of wearing heels but still wants to add a little something extra to their outfit. Grab a sexy body-hugging pencil skirt to match with thee shoes.

Perfect for: dancing, officewear, and corporate events.

Platform Heels

Wide Fit Platform Two Part Heels, Boohoo, $50

Platform heels are different because they are not necessarily a heel type, but an elevation on the front of the shoe, below the sole. Their height ranges from low to high, and are usually made to balance out an extremely high heel. Because of this, platform heels are more comfortable than stilettos. If you want to look taller without sacrificing comfort, then platform heels would be perfect for the occasion! Style a red pair with a body-hugging bodycon dress during a night out, and you’ll have no trouble getting some appreciative looks.

Perfect for: club nights, evening parties, and other special occasions.

Additional tips:

There are certain ways to make sure you are buying the best heels that you would actually want to wear a lot. Here are some tips to help you:

  • When trying your shoes on, look for balanced heels.
  • Choose styles that come with padded soles.
  • Allow some space for your toes to breathe, especially if your feet are prone to swelling.
  • Have your feet measured to know precisely what your shoe size is.
  • Go for some classic styles that won’t become unfashionable quickly.

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