The Biggest Showstoppers from the Haute Couture Runways

Sometimes it feels as though we wait all year for Haute Couture season. Don’t get us wrong, we love fashion year round. But there’s something about a couture look: the intricacy, the delicateness, the attention to detail, that can send chills down your spine. These dresses are truly one of a kind, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but custom made for each client that’s fancy enough to be able to have access to the atelier. 

This season, we’ve seen the usual amount of crystals, sequins, and feathers. The color palette has remained predominantly pastel, which dresses in pink and green…even Karl Lagerfeld’s bride at Chanel wore pistachio! Designers also utilized sheer fabrics, in both dark blues and blacks, and light pinks and whites, showing off the more delicate aspect of the pieces. 

Here, we share our favorite pieces from Paris’ elaborate couture week. A girl can dream.

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