Jennifer Lopez’s Latest Instagram Has Fans Convinced She and Alex Rodriguez Are Engaged

After posting a sparsely accessorized photo from a July 4 trip to the beach with Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez fans are jumping to conclusions.

There, among the sand, A-Rod’s chest, Jen’s neon pink one-piece, straw fedora, and signature shades, lies something ~else~: a ring, on *that* finger.

Naturally, rumors of a J-Rod engagement (or even *gasp*, elopement) immediately began to circulate.

I mean, it wouldn’t be that outrageous. Lopez did release a song just months ago called “El Anillo” (ahem, “The Ring”—not the scary or wrestling kind), the lyrics of which basically ask the singer’s (ahem, J.Lo’s) S.O. for a proposal.

When cornered about the telling lyrics on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Rodriguez admitted a proposal wasn’t on his mind.

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