Jackie Kennedy’s Handwritten Notes Show How Meticulously She Planned Her Outfits

The reason First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s wardrobe appears to have been curated with laser-like precision is simple: because it was.

Mrs. Kennedy hand-selected every last earring, belt, shoe, and safety pin, making it obvious that the former FLOTUS was acutely aware of the power and influence of her fashion choices.

We know all of this thanks to a newly resurfaced packing list she handwrote for her November 1963 trip to Texas—the same trip during which President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. According to The New York Times, Jackie jotted down her itinerary for her personal assistant, Providencia Paredes, that included a detailed list of every item she planned to wear for each event on schedule, down to the jewelry.

To kick off her trip on November 21, she wore head-to-toe Chanel, departing D.C.

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