Portia de Rossi Isn’t Mad About the Rumors She’s Divorcing Ellen DeGeneres

When is the last time your significant other dressed in an outfit to match yours (not counting Halloween)? Or made you burst into tears with absolute joy? Or played a joke on you of national scale?

Don’t lie—most people answering these questions honestly would probably have to admit that some of these things never happened, but that’s not the case for star couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. The duo practically invented the term “couple goals,” which is why rumors of divorce throughout the years have always come as such a surprise.

The silver lining? They are well aware … and aren’t mad about it. De Rossi acknowledged the whispers of her allegedly imminent divorce from DeGeneres, but unlike many of her celebrity peers in similar positions, she actually kind of seemed glad to hear it. Allow her to explain.

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