DJ Jazzy Jeff Just Created The Only Playlist You Need This Summer

To celebrate summer, we’re asking the season’s most iconic superstars to share their warm-weather secrets. Here, DJ Jazzy Jeff—whose new album, M3, is out now—puts togehter the ultimate summer playlist.

There’s a certain nostalgia that hits you when the weather breaks. It reminds you of your favorite summer memories, like sitting outside with your friends when you were growing up. I remember hanging out on the steps with my friends in Philadelphia, listening as every car drove down the street blasting whatever the big hit was at the time.

It was pretty amazing when, in 1991, the song coming through the cars’ windows was “Summertime.” Will [Smith] and I had started working on it right after he moved to L.A. to film The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and he was really missing the East Coast.

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