This $19 Needle-Free Product Got Rid of My Deep Forehead Wrinkle

After a decade-plus of breakouts, I was looking forward to at least a few years of finally knowing what it meant to have good skin. Then, as if my body were giving me a bad 27th birthday present, I realized that seemingly overnight a dent had formed between my brows. I’ve always thought that this was the worst kind of wrinkle to have. It makes the wearer look perpetually angry, or confused, depending on the situation. I’m sure mine showed up due to years of wearing the wrong vision prescription and my general aptitude for frowning, but they were now being coaxed out more quickly because of the way I like to burrow my head into my pillow while I sleep. Spending eight-plus hours with my face smashed into the bed turned what was supposed to be beauty sleep into my greatest enemy.

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